vU3A Open House

Here is a place to explore what an online U3A has to offer,

and to say what you would like to see from such a site. This site is free to use.

If you have a camera and microphone you could talk to someone. Just click on Video Chat and you will be taken to a online meeting where you can chat about vU3A. The chat room is only open between 2.00 to 4.00pm weekdays, 2.00 to 3:00 weekends, UK time.


Here is one of the instant activities on vU3A from British Light Music Jukebox. Just click on the image to hear this piece of music, you may know it as something else.


And, for these times when days may seem to drag, this link will take you to the whole jukebox. British Light Music Jukebox.


Or, maybe something from the word search corner is more your thing.

Word Search

And once you have done that, why don't you try your hand at making your own word searches?

Here is a description of kind of monthly online meeting in which we gently learn a little more about Classical Music with a focus for now on British Symphonies. 
Each month we look at a different period of British Symphonies, for April 2020 it will be the period from 1750 to 1900. The plan is to take a different period until we reach the present day, when the club finishes. The resource for the club is the Timeline of British Symphonies  which is an original collection unique to vU3A.

Of course, there are many other subjects in vU3A, for example 

Here is our public version of a wiki with subjects: vU3a public Wiki
vU3A is a private wiki with password for your security, so we have this public version for demonstation

There are many discussion boards in vU3A, the most popular of which is the Coffee Shop in which members chat about whatever is on their minds at the time

vU3A is based on a Wiki. This is how you can contribute to it:

 By creating your own pages on subjects that you have a particular interest you will be sharing your knowledge with others. Others will comment on your work just the same as you can leave comments on their work.

We will start at the right side of the screen this is where most of the information is. At the top we have the standard ‘search this workspace’ facility works in the same way as any other, nothing new there!
Moving down we have ‘create a page’ and ‘upload a file’ ‘copy page’ etc.
Moving down again we have the ‘Navigator ‘a useful function on the wiki.
Down again and you come across the ‘Side Bar’ Under this, (on the main wiki site,) you will find all the groups of subjects, topics, projects, discussions, running the vU3A, and useful information. Try clicking on one of the items on the list and have a read.

The PBWorks wiki is extremely easy to use and contains a wealth of knowledge for you to enjoy, more importantly it provides a safe environment for you to create and share your knowledge.
You can create your own space by creating a folder, and then create a page, or just create a page on its own, you don’t have to create a folder, but it helps, place the page in the folder job done. If you think your page should be placed in one of the group or topic subjects, no problem, create a link to the group or topic you would like it to be linked to.
You can drop pictures and video links onto your work to add more depth and colour.

If these free illustrations of our activities, and contact with our members, have interested you, here is how you can join vU3A

The vU3A are offering a reduced membership of £8.50 from the 1st April to the 31st July 2020. This will be reviewed at the end of the four month period depending on the circumstance of this exceptional Covid-19 crisis during which local U3A are not able to meet..

Click here to join at the special rate. Special Rate

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